A.Linho in the tradition… A.Linho in the practice of Physical Activity!

The SPACHE – Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments project, coordinated by Tempo Livre entered the implementation phase of the Pilot Programs, which will test the potential of the relationship between cultural heritage and physical activity and sport.

Throughout the month of May, inspired by the Linen Tradition, an intangible cultural heritage with strong roots in the Municipality of Guimarães, there will be various activities to promote Physical Activity, based on the tasks of the Linen Cycle. A.Linho” Pilot Program activities are aimed at three different target audiences.

  • A.Linho na Escola, aimed at 1st Cycle children, to take place at EB1 of the Agrupamento de Escolas do Vale de São Torcato between the 16th and 20th of May.
  • A.Linho at the Gym, aimed at the general public, which will take place in the gymnasium of the Guimarães Swimming Pool Complex on May 28 and 29 (9am/13pm).
  • A.Linho at Vida Feliz, aimed at people over 55 years old, to be held at Parque de Lazer da Corredoura, on May 18 and 25 (10 am).


Participation in the activities in the gym and in the park is free of charge, and all interested parties need to attend the respective places, at the indicated times.

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