Medical Advice



Medical advice

Primarily aimed at informal sports practitioners, this service allows the user to assess the user's physical condition, guiding them to sports practice programs based on clinical history and personal characteristics, considering possible limitations.



All practitioners of physical and sports activities - federated, university and informal recreation and leisure (practitioners of hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking, users of gyms, clubs, associations, among others).


Service Characterization

Centered on counseling for the practice of sports. It is based on the assessment of the user's physical condition, guidance for personalized sports practice, considering the individual's clinical history as well as personal characteristics and possible limitations. The assessment of physical condition consists of two components:

Morphological component, where the following data are evaluated and recorded:

• Weight

• Height

• Folds of tricipital, scapular, abdominal, iliac, thigh and geminal adiposity

• Perimeters of the arm, hip and thigh

• Body mass index

• Hip waist index

•% and amount of fat mass

•% and amount of fat-free mass

• Metabolism at rest

Functional component, where the following data are evaluated and recorded:

• VO2 Max - Maximum oxygen consumption

• Flexibility

• Superior strength

• Medium strength

• Lower strength

After the evaluation of the components, a technical report is prepared, describing a global analysis, taking into account the cardiovascular and postural conditions and risk factors.

The process is concluded with the most appropriate advice for sports.


Main benefits

The individual technical report can be understood as a formal document that guarantees a diagnostic evaluation to be used in the elaboration of the physical activity plan, as well as the permanent evaluation of the application of the physical activity plan.

The service also allows counseling, for sports, relating the variables identified from the expectations, motivations and individual characteristics in relation to the sports practice that best suits the user.

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