About 1500 people vaccinated per day at the vaccination station in Multiusos

The COVID-19 Vaccination Station installed in Multiusos de Guimarães has been in operation for 50 days and a total of 27.565 inoculations have already been applied (20.830 first doses and 6.735 second doses), according to information validated by ACES - Group of Health Centers in Alto Bird.

The Vaccination Post started operating in February (3 days), March (16 days), April (24 days) and since May 1, it has been operating daily.

In the last week, an average of 1.500 people were inoculated daily, from Monday to Sunday, a trend that will continue in the coming weeks.

ACES estimates that by the end of next week, the entire population over 60 years old will already be vaccinated with the first dose, confirming compliance with the current vaccination plan.

This operation of high logistical complexity and never tested before involves around 50 people per day, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff from the various Health Units in the municipality of Guimarães, in addition to having the daily presence of the agents of the Municipal Police. , employees of Vitrus and Tempo Livre, as well as many Red Cross volunteers who provide the necessary support, both to users and technical staff.

User collaboration is fundamental to the success of the operation, so the health authorities call on users to be very attentive to vaccination schedules. Strict compliance with the scheduling days and times is essential for users to be served with convenience and to avoid waiting lines. 

ACES do Alto Ave appeals to all users to scrupulously comply with the current health safety rules - maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters, wear a mask and hand hygiene - emphasizing the importance of this operation for public health and for the community.

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