The school represents the first place for the practice of physical activity by children and young people. Through the “Descolar” project, and in a happy partnership between Tempo Livre and the Guimarães City Hall, sport is promoted in the school environment, but a new model of competition between students and schools is also integrated. 

Implemented since 2015, each year it has the participation of approximately 5000 students, who throughout the year are enthusiastic, have fun, do physical activity, and play for themselves and their school.

Through this project, it is intended to promote the importance of movement, sporting activity, games and the complicity that sport knows how to create, stimulating values, nurturing the spirit of mutual understanding, fraternity, solidarity, the culture of peace and fair play.

With the support of the Physical and Sports Activities (AFD) technicians and the sports services team, 4 phases of activities are promoted. The first one takes place at the school and is promoted by the AFD technicians among their students, aiming to identify, within each class, the 3 best athletes of each gender who in the following phases will represent their class / school. 

In the 2nd phase, the Grouping Phase, challenging games are organized for teams of 6 elements. In this way, the best classes of each academic year of the group will be found, so that they can qualify for the following phases, semi-finals and finals, which normally take place at the Multiusos de Guimarães and at the Athletics Track Gémeos Castro. 

And the best athletes, the best classes, the best schools of each academic year will reach this final. 

But more important than that, is the constant application of 5 Commandments of Taking Off, which aim above all, to implement a sports culture of respect for all the players in this project:

1. I do my best! 

2. I think of an answer to the challenges. 

3. Respect Rules, Judges and Opponents. 

4. I am a Friend of my colleagues, even when they fail! 

5. I have a team spirit.

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