This project aims to occupy children's free time between the ages of 5 and 14, during school breaks. Sports Holidays are mainly directed to the practice of sports activities, but are completed with activities of a cultural and social dimension, as well as leisure activities that can fill the rest and transition times between activities.
Versatile in the number and nature of the activities to be developed, rich from the point of view of the experiences to offer to the participants and pedagogically well oriented, with the activities being carried out and the groups being led by licensed teachers.
With more than 15 years of activities, Sports Vacations have had, over time, a fantastic participation, involving, on average, more than 500 participants per summer edition.
Among other activities proposed, the participants get in touch with practically all sports, as well as equestrian, rhythmic and gymnastic activities.
Streamlining activities in safety, guaranteeing all parents and guardians a service of excellence in the occupation of their students' free time is the mission of our team.
Registrations can be made at our facilities or through our online platform, which opens approximately one month in advance of each of the programs:

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