Ligamini had its inaugural journey in 2010. This initiative sought to create an alternative competition for clubs and athletes of the younger age groups that until then did not exist in the federative sports scene. 

A decade later, Ligamini became a national reference and brought an exponential growth in participation, currently achieved by almost all federated clubs in the municipality of Guimarães. In some cases it even worked as a lever for the resurgence of clubs. 

In addition to the purpose of filling a gap in the federative system, it also has as its main focus the promotion of physical activity through the sport, with a guiding principle of fair play in all its action. 

Ligamini is dynamized between the period of February to June, although in the last editions, and due to the growth achieved, it started to be implemented practically from October to July of the following year.

For more information and registration, contact us via email servicosdesportivos@tempolivre.pt.

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