SW-UP project partners met in Brussels

A Tempo Livre participated in the final coordination meeting of the Sport For Women in Urban Places (SW-UP) project, which took place in Brussels between 17 and 19 June. The SW-UP project, co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + program, has the mission of raising women's awareness of regular physical exercise outdoors and contributing to the construction of more friendly urban spaces for female sports.
To beyond the Tempo Livre and Guimarães City Hall, partner entities of the project that represented Portugal in the SW-UP, participated in the cities of Corbetta (Italy), Ramnicu Sarat (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Granollers (Spain) and entities such as the Mulier Instituut ( Netherlands), ALDA - European Association of Local Democracy and IRS - Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale (Italy).
The agenda included, in addition to the balance of activities and scientific work carried out over 18 months of implementation, an international event that involved participants from non-governmental organizations based in Brussels - “Sport Women in the City” and a walk - “ Noms Peut-Être ”- through the streets of the city whose purpose was to call attention to the discrimination of women and to combat sexism in the urban space.
In the same work session, the results of the survey carried out in 2018, in which Guimarães participated, which identifies the main barriers that women face in the urban space when they decide to practice outdoor sports, were shared. The study, which was scientifically coordinated by the Mulier Instituut (Utrecht, Netherlands), will soon be made available for public consultation.

Guimarães, through the Tempo Livre and the City Council, collaborated with research and diagnosis work, highlighting the contributions to the catalog that good practices - with an indication of the projects “Barriguinhas Desportistas” and “Vida Feliz” -, the pilot program “Mulheres + Ativas” and the collaborative work with institutions and local partners on inclusive sports space (which had contributions from APCG, Cercigui and the Municipal Forum for People with Disabilities).
It should also be remembered that over 18 months, various initiatives were developed in Guimarães, such as the “Mulheres + Ativas” program, which included lectures, physical activities in the open air, a walk, health screening and medical advice. Transnational meetings and working meetings were also held with local partner entities to prepare recommendations, collect testimonials, participate in surveys and answer questionnaires.

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