Built in homage to the international athletes of Guimarães Domingos and Dionísio Castro, inaugurated on March 2, 2002, it is one of the most modern sports equipment dedicated to athletics in the country.

Occupying a total area of ​​18.300 m2, it is equipped with 8 corridors on synthetic floors and equipped for all types of athletics, with 4 changing rooms with a total capacity of 300 users in simultaneous use, in addition to a bench for 1200 people.


  • EPDM synthetic floor, class A type, 13 mm thick, resting on an asphalt base
  • Regular athletics track, with a perimeter of 400 meters measured on the rope
  • Circular curves with a radius of 36,50m
    8 brokers
  • Main straight with 139,40 m
  • Swing tracks for length, triple and pole with 55 m
    Swing for high jump with 25m
  • 36,50m javelin swing
  • Ditch of obstacles inside the track
  • Support boxes for the pole and drop for the heels
  • Hammer and disk protection cage
  • Platform for the pole vault mattress circles for launches
  • Marathon entry
    2 goals for youth soccer training
  • The Gémeos Castro Athletics Track is equipped with DAE - External Automatic Defibrillator.
Bathing area
  • 4 changing rooms with capacity for 240 users, equipped with individual and heated lockers
  • 2 changing rooms for judges, referees and timekeepers
  • Medical office and recovery room
  • Weight training and cardio-fitness gym
  • Multipurpose and multifunction room 
  • 1.200 seats
  • Tasting secretarial booth


Monday to Friday: 09h00-12h30 and 16h30-21h00
Saturdays: 09:00 am - 13:00 pm


Alameda dos Desportos Candoso

S. Tiago, 4835-235 Guimarães


253 423 205

Call to national fixed network

Usage fees

Tartan Track / Gym

Free use 1,50€
Federated athletes 0,75€
Federated Athletics Athletes and in Clubs of Guimarães 0,30€
Municipal Cards * and under 10 years old Free

Use of natural turf

Formation classes, for 90 minutes (clubs and municipal associations) 50,00€
Seniors, for 60 minutes € 125,00 **
Events, for 60 minutes € 200,00 **

Discounts - Rechargeable card

Loading 20,00€
Loading 40,00€
Loading 50,00€

(*) Mandatory presentation (Senior Municipal Card and Municipal Card for Persons with Disabilities)
(**) VAT is added at the standard rate

Requests for use must be addressed to the Tempo Livre - Gémeos Castro Athletics Track


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