Tempo Livre in the think-tank of the PACTE project

On the 4th of October the Tempo Livre participates in the work of the think-tank of the PACTE project (Promotion of Active Cities across Europe) promoted by “Sport & Citizenship” (Sport and Citizenship), a civic organization, based on four pillars (education / active schools, active workplaces, active leisure and active mobility) and is co-financed by the European Union.

The working session in Brussels will discuss, among other issues, active mobility in active cities, the role of cities and the business and private sector in promoting active mobility with a view to more sustainable cities, with better quality of life for all .

This is the fourth working session that will bring together representatives of organizations and entities that promote physical activity and sport, researchers, sports managers and other agents with the mission of defining a strategy to combat inactivity in Europe.

Despite scientific evidence and political attention to the benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in European countries, the sedentary crisis is growing. More than 200 million European citizens are inactive (do not practice any physical activity or sport in their daily routine), and 66% of policy makers (at local, regional and national level) are unaware of the situation and have no strategies to combat the situation .

The PACTE project working group is convinced that there is an opportunity to reverse this trend and that cities (where more and more people are concentrated) have a fundamental role to play, especially with regard to active mobility in urban environments. 

Within the scope of the PACTE project, a representative survey is underway that includes a survey of policies and good practices developed by European municipalities and based on fieldwork, it is intended to present a model that can be replicated in order to make European cities more active and sustainable.

It is recalled that Tempo Livre previously participated, at the invitation of the organization, in the meetings of the PACTE project held in Liverpool and Berlin.

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