The SPACHE-Sport and Physical Activity in Cultural Heritage Environments project aims to enhance participation in sport and physical activity for all, by leveraging cultural heritage resources.

Furthermore, the project aims also to strengthen cultural participation, the sense of local and European identity and social capital and to enhance active sustainable mobility. 

The project is promoted by a partnership of actors active in the sport/physical activity field, cultural field, as well as public policy and social research, covering 6 EU countries (IT, PT, FR, DE, SI, NL): Tempo Livre – Project coordinator (PT); Municipality of Guimarães (PT); Municipality of Gargnano (IT); Alto Garda Volleyball (IT); IRS – Institute for Social Research (IT); Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations OCS-ASF (SI); Tafisa (DE); Sport Fryslân (NL); Sport and Citizenship (FR).

To reach its objectives, the project sets off with the exploration of the use of cultural heritage as a leverage for enhancing sport/physical activity in theory, through participatory processes, the project partners will design and implement 4 pilot programs in 4 different countries (PT, IT, SI, NL). 

The pilot programs foresee actions focusing on cultural heritage as a leverage for enhancing non-competitive and regular sport/physical activity including, but not limited to, guided hikes to cultural sites, gymnastics in cultural sites, etc. 

The project will also assess the social impacts of the pilot programmes. Moreover, based on insights and knowledge acquired throughout the project, partners will create educational modules (e.g. workshops, webinars) and operational tools (Capacity building toolkit, Handbook, etc.) that will be widely disseminated, in order to raise awareness and provide guidance for stakeholders and policy makers on cultural heritage as a leverage for non-competitive and regular sport/physical activity for all.


Start: 01-01-2021 – End: 30-06-2023

Project Reference: 622788-EPP-1-2020-1-PT-SPO-SCP

EU Grant: 386357 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Sport

Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships

The SPACHE consortium

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