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The Sports Medicine Center of Guimarães works within the scope of public health promotion and provides support and medical assistance services (namely at the level of the medical-sports examination for the purposes of federative registration) as well as counseling and screening of the physical condition of informal sportsmen .

Inaugurated on September 5, 2005, the Guimarães Sports Medicine Center operates within the scope of promoting public health and is part of the network of Sports Medicine Centers of the IPDJ - Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, assuming itself as a social service dedicated to for all sportspeople, whether or not they are integrated into the federated or school systems.


Monday to Friday: 17h30-20h00


Alameda dos Desportos Candoso

S. Tiago, 4835-235, Guimarães


+253 423 205

Call to national fixed network


The Guimarães Sports Medicine Center aims to provide specialized medical services to sportspeople, practitioners of physical exercise, federated athletes, users of the educational system, gymnasiums or clubs and informal sportsmen (running, cycling, hiking, adventure sports, etc.) Practice sport and physical activity safely. Consult our services:

Clinical Staff and Manager

General direction

Oak Novais (Specialist in FGM and Sports Medicine)

Clinical Management

Antonio Lourenço (Specialist in Cardiology)

NURSES with permanent collaboration

A. Miguel Mariz, A. Miguel Santos, Rui Albuquerque, Sofia Freitas, Marta Freitas, Alexandra Ribeiro and Jacques Castro  

Doctors with permanent collaboration

Rui Vaz (Specialist in Physiatrics and Sports Medicine)
Manuel Vaz (Pulmonology specialist)
Rui Oliveira (FGM Specialist)
Rita Oliveira (Clinical pathology)
Tiago Ribeiro (FGM Specialist)

Sports Medicine Days

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